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Session types

At ASF, you can find various forms of personal training: Specific training sessions or rather a combination of different types of training? Anything is possible as long as it promotes your workout fun and you reached your goal (s)!

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Allround Sports Fitness

With Allround Sports Fitness you come to get results. (Top) athletes train to achieve results and with the exact same attitude we are going to work together.
In a playful way or even with a military drill approach? There are many roads to Rome, but it starts: what do YOU want? Your goal then becomes OUR goal, of both you and your trainer.
So, let's do this!

Weight training Amsterdam - Allround Sports Fitness

Weight training

Weight training, also for women! Training with weights is the best way to shape the body and provide an extra boost to fat burning. Weight training can be done in different ways from using your own body weight as resistance, kettlebells or gym equipment.

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Session types - Short term goals - Allround Sports Fitness Amsterdam

Short term goals

Sport-specific training or training for a photo shoot? If you have a specific short term goal, you can choose from several options: special sessions for explosiveness, bootcamp or body sculpting? No matter what you choose, only one thing matters: give it a 100%!

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Example of a Tabata workout


About Allround Sports Fitness

ASF stands for Personal Training on location, in the gym and in the Amsterdamse Bos for RESULTS! In short, focused on delivering results. Do you really want to structurally change your body, lifestyle in a short period of time? Then you've come to the right place!
Are you looking to built a sleek, toned and photo-shoot ready body for a specific purpose? Drop by!

Allround Sport Fitness pulls out all the stops to achieve your goal (s)!

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1 Good intentions for 2023? Turn them into action!

2 Would you rather work on a flexible body? Then sign up for the Flexibility workout session.


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